Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Useful Goodies for Declan Baby Pullover

Declan is super-sweet, super-fast, super-seamless, and super-stashbusting! Baby not included. Here are some clever tricks and goodies to make your super baby pullover extra super!

Neaten Bind Off in the Round

I love this trick! As you know, when you knit in the round, you are really working a spiral, so there is always an annoying "step" where you leave off. Not anymore! Check out this nifty trick:

3 Needle Bind Off

No, I wasn't lying. It really is seamless! But you use a technique just like the 3 Needle Bind-Off, minus the binding off part, to connect the base of the neck with a little cross-over. Here is a video tutorial: 

And here is a written one: 3 Needle Bind Off

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

This is my preferred stretchy bind off. Perfect for baby sleeves!

Backward Loop Cast On

This is my favorite technique for adding a few under-arm stitches when knitting a top-down raglan. This tutorial has it all: written and video!

Did I leave something out? Nudge me in the comments!

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