Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving the Gift of EVIL

Usually, I aim to spread joy by giving hand-knit-by-me gifts.  For my most recent knit gift, I gave a touch of the evil spirit.

My DDM (that’s Dear Dungeon Master) just celebrated his 42nd birthday. I made him a bag to store his precious D&D dice under the watchful eye of Cthulhu, the Elder G-d of Evil. (Check out the great pattern by a sister blogger here). It took all of my willpower to stop from giving it to him the minute I finished. I presented his present the second he awoke on his birthday morning.

I think he likes it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Shameless Boasting Follows

Many exciting things have happened in my knit-knerdy world since my last post many moons ago. I will try to catch up on many of them here, and I’ll start with my biggest news: I am now, officially, a published designer! OK, so maybe I’m only self-published at this point, but let’s not split hairs. I have opened up a Ravelry Store, put up my first written pattern for sale, and I’ve even had a customer! I’m just tickled.

The path to here has been a little strange. It started with a persistent bee in my bonnet, buzzing repeatedly that Sammy had to have a sweater with a school bus. It’s true, his favorite sport is pointing and squealing at every bus that passes. I poked around Ravelry and didn’t see anything good enough. The next thing I knew, I was busting out the colored pencils and sketching an intarsia chart!

The rest, as they say, is history. I knit a 12-month size for Sammy, wrote up the pattern, started a test knit, knit a 2T size sweater, opened a Ravelry store, wrote a proposal, and submitted to the Knit Picks IDP! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And you can even buy the pattern right now! How nifty is that?