Thursday, November 5, 2015

Useful Goodies for Your Roberta the Librarian Mitts

Mitts are quick and fun and let you use some nifty techniques. Here are some handy links to some dandy tricks!

German Twisted Cast On

My new, go-to stretchy cast-on. So easy and clever. It is like long-tail cast on with a kick!

New Stitch a Day has both video and written, conveniently all in the same place.

Personally, I'm a written tutorial kind of gal, and I think Craftsy does a stand-up job.

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off

This is just a lovely bind-off for the top of your mitts (or socks, or neckline...) It is pretty easy to do. Check out the Knitty Tutorial.

Erase the Jog on your Bind Off in the Round

Don't you hate it? That unseemly step between the first and last stitch you bound off? There are many versions of this quick fix. Here is a tutorial that includes a video and written instructions: How to Neaten the Last Stitch of Your Bind-Off In the Round.

Anything I left out? Other neat-o tricks to share? Leave me a comment!

Happy Knitting!

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