Thursday, February 12, 2015

Useful Goodies for your Sir Isaac Fancysleeves

Sir Isaac Fancysleeves is super-quick to knit in worsted weight yarn and you get to use some of my favorite techniques and tricks in the process.

Bye-Bye Bind Off Bump

One of my favorite tricks is how to make the bump on the bind off edge when knitting in the round disappear. Since you are technically knitting in a spiral when you knit in the round, there is always a little step at the last bound-off stitch. This blogger has both written instructions and a video link on a magical trick to hide the step, making it impossible to tell where the round began!

Knitfreedom's Last Stitch Neatening Technique

Sonya, one of the fabulous test knitters who tested the pattern, suggested starting to pick up the neck stitches somewhere in the back so the jog is not as noticeable. This is a great idea, though this jog-hiding technique is so amazing you might find it unnecessary!

Stretchy Bind Off

For a toddler sweater, you don't need the stretchiest bind-off in the world, but you need it to be stretchy enough to get an enlarged toddler head through the neck opening. There are many options, and I'll share with you my favorites.

Use a bigger needle to bind off. Though you have to take a second to switch up your tools, this trick forces you to keep you bind off loose while keeping it nice and even. For this project, using this trick should make your edges loose enough.

Use a crochet hook. If you go up a few sizes, then crocheting your bind-off should work just like using a bigger needle in the basic bind off. Especially if you are a crocheter, this technique is lightening fast!

Stitch Diva's Crochet Hook Bind Off

Use Elastic Bind Off. If you are really concerned that binding off loosely won't be enough, you can try the Elastic Bind Off.

Slip Slip Knit's Elastic Bind Off

Many folks will recommend Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I am a JSSBO fan, but I don't love how it looks in heavier yarns, so my choice is to go with one of the first 2 options. But, different folks, different strokes!

If you have thoughts on other goodies to help make Sir Isaac the best it can be, let us know in the comments!

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