Friday, March 28, 2014

You are an Obsession

Lace, lace, LACE! I am completely hooked. Like I-created-a-Pinterest-Board-of-100-shawls-I-want-to-knit hooked. My addiction was born designing and knitting Hojas y Bayas. After that, just a little bit of lace edging was not enough to feed the Lace Monster.

So I knit my first Haruni by the awesome Emily Ross. So. Much. Fun. And so satisfying to use just a few yards shy of my skein of Knit Picks Stroll Tonal! It was so surprisingly quick and used so little yarn I decided it was a perfect offering for The Circle School's Spring Fundraising Silent Auction.

While my first all-lace baby was on the blocking board, I cast on for shawl #2. Less than 2 weeks later, my second baby was born! She is also heading to the auction block.

This one is Passion Flowers by Marisa Hernandez

I'm already well into #3. And I just dyed some yarn for #4. CAN'T STOP!

So wish my babies luck in the silent auction...

Happy Knitting!

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