Monday, January 2, 2012

The Creative Juices Flow

Spinning Sammy modeling Scrap Hatty

Crazily, I had so much fun designing a sweater that I continue my journey as a designer. I just created my first pattern that I will offer for free on Ravelry (and here, of course!).

It’s a simple hat, totally seamless. Scrap Hatty was born of the eternal question: what do I do with all these little random balls of left-over yarn? It has texture without cumbersome cabling and it has color without complicated stranding. It is in three sizes, ranging from toddler to adult male.

The predecessor to Scrap Happy was a hat I knit for my adorable nephew Max. Thus far, I don’t have any pictures of said adorable nephew in said hat.

So I shifted a few things around in my head and knit a toddler version – because Sammy, my son/indentured model has less of a say in whether he poses for pictures.

So hold on to your knit hats… Scrap Hatty is coming soon!

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