Saturday, May 28, 2011


(Slightly obsessive) knitters know the emotional rollercoaster of knitting. In the past few days I have pulled that bar into my lap, closed my eyes and held on for the ride.


In finding the perfect use for stash or leftover yarn.  I did this quick knit for Baby Aubrey with some leftover Comfy Worsted from a maternity sweater I made a while back.  I like the combination of girly ruffles with the less-girly navy blue.


In finishing.  There is nothing like a FO to lift your spirits. I particularly love seeing a FO worn by its recipient.  I finally finished my Sea Foam Gable for my friend Bethany.  And I think it fits perfectly if I do say so myself.

I was also standing a bit taller the other day at the grocery store when I first used my recently finished plarn bag.  (For those who don't know, "plarn" is plastic yarn, made of plastic grocery bags.) The bag guy was so excited about my bag, he brought over about 15 of his co-workers to admire my FO.


To gift a FO.  I can’t wait to see Baby Aubrey in her halter!


In frogging.  I was about ¾ done with a cottony lace shawl when I made an irreparable mistake.  I dropped a stitch right at a nupp and couldn’t reassemble the darn thing.  The sadness was exacerbated by prior hubris – why, oh why didn’t I leave life lines?  The end result: a pile of frogged yarn.  Boo hiss.


In receiving new yarn in the mail. And having found said yarn on sale!  I just got some beautiful fingering weight, cotton silk blend yarn from WEBS in the mail.  I wound a few balls and set myself up for the next turn on the rollercoaster...


In failing to find my Size 4 needle tips! I want so badly to cast on a cute light lacy summer sweater with the yummy yarn that arrived, and I can’t find my 4s.


In having to wait for my new Size 4 needle tips to arrive.


  1. Perseverance pays off. Way to go babes.

  2. Wow, i love the plarn bag it so cute. I wish I've got time to knit cause I'm loving all these comfy creations time to time. buy aion accounts