Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Blogwagon

A little red winged-thing has been sitting on my shoulder screeching in my ear. Something about the www needing another knitting blog. So here we are.

Though not professionally diagnosed, I suffer from Knitting ADD. I generally need all my fingers and toes to count my wips. True story.

During the warmer months, I generally have at least one tank or tee in the works. I just finished a cute hot pink little number here.

I’m about half-way through another Green Gable for the birthday of my comrade Bethany. Clearly, I listened to a little white winged-thing perched on my shoulder. I don’t usually gift anything bigger than a baby sweater, but a wave of generosity swept over me. I hope it fits her because I think it will be too big on me if it doesn’t work out.

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